Unit Resources

2015 Order Form
For a 2015 Trail's End Scout order form, click here.

2015 Popcorn Information Sheet  
Keep track of important dates for the 2015 Trails' End Popcorn Sale.  Click here

Square Credit Card Readers
Trail's-End is working with SQUARE, the leading provider in tools for accepting credit cards and inventory tracking.  Go to the Trails-End. site to learn more about Square's partnership with Trails-End and their special introductory rate.  

2015 Show and Sell Guidelines

Review this document for the 2015 Minsi Trails Council Show and Sell Guidelines.  Click Here.

2015 Popcorn Master Record
Use this excel spreadsheet to manage your unit's sale by individual Scout. Click here.

2015 Unit Order Worsheet (by container)
Use this excel spreadsheet to manage your unit's final order by container. Click here.

2015 Instructions for Ordering Scout Prizes Online
Step by step instructions for placing your unit prize order.  Click here.

Minsi Trails Council "RBI" Prize Sheet Click here.
Information about Minsi Trails "Really Big Incentive" program.

2015 Instructions for Placing Unit Popcorn Orders Online
Step by step instructions for placing your unit popcorn orders online click here.

2015 Popcorn System
For a link to the Popcorn System login screen, Click here.

2015 Online Popcorn Sales in Minsi Trails Council
Detailed information regarding Minsi Trails policy of individual Scout sales online. Click here! 

2015 Popcorn Receipt Form/Delivery 
For a receipt form for customers Click here!

Online Selling Resources
Selling popcorn online is easy.  Click here for a guide for leaders and click here for a guide for Scouts.  Click here for instructions on updating your online Trails-End profile.

 Orthodox Union Letter of Certificate